As a manufacturer, these are some of the greatest challenges you face today: an intensely competitive domestic and global environment, intellectual property protection, environmental regulations, dynamic legislation, disruptive new technologies, and the complexities of maintaining a skilled workforce.

All of these business challenges are also legal challenges, which is why having a legal partner who understands the dynamics of your specific industry is critical. It means that you can make bold business decisions rooted in legal wisdom.

BrownWinick has decades of experience in the manufacturing industry. Some of our attorneys have held key positions within manufacturing companies, and we maintain strong relationships with trade associations. Our people are operating at the forefront of manufacturing and law, which gives us a deeper, more intimate understanding of the challenges you face and their legal foundations.

Combine our industry perspective with our interdisciplinary team of attorneys – specializing in tax, corporate, litigation, labor, intellectual property, and environmental law – and we have what it takes to be a formidable partner for your business’ most pivotal moments.

Manufacturing Attorneys