BrownWinick Included in 2024 Edition of Best Laws Firms Ranked by Best®

BrownWinick is excited to announce the firm has been included in the Best Law Firms Ranked by Best® 2024 publication. Firms included in the 2024 edition of Best Law Firms® list are recognized for professional excellence with persistently impressive ratings from clients and peers. Achieving a tiered ranking signals a unique combination of quality... Read More

BrownWinick Wins Special Education Case before the Iowa Department of Education on behalf of Student with Disabilities

BrownWinick celebrates attorney Jack O’Brien’s success in advocating for the rights of students with disabilities before the Iowa Department of Education. For the past two years, Jack O’Brien has worked with his client the Disabilities Resource Center of Siouxland (the “DRC”) to advocate for students in the Siouxland area with disabilities. One... Read More

BrownWinick Attorneys Successfully Represent New Fashion Pork and BWT Holdings before the Iowa Supreme Court

In a major development for the agricultural industry in Iowa, the Iowa Supreme Court affirmed the dismissal of a nuisance case and reversed a previous Supreme Court decision on constitutional grounds. BrownWinick attorneys James White, Jen Lindberg, and Jim Pray successfully represented New Fashion Pork and BWT Holdings before the Iowa Supreme... Read More

United States Supreme Court Issues Decision on Enforcement of Arbitration Clauses

The United States Supreme Court recently issued a decision significant to the enforcement of arbitration clauses in contracts. In a unanimous decision, the Court held in Morgan v. Sundance, Inc. that federal law does not contain a “prejudice requirement” in determining whether a party has waived its right to arbitration. The prejudice requirement... Read More

Iowa Court of Appeals Decision Serves as Cautionary Tale for Construction Contractors

The Iowa Court of Appeals issued a decision this week that sent a strong message to construction contractors – ignore your contracts at your own risk. Specifically, the Court stated, “Contracts mean what they say. Here, a party that failed to follow what a contract said in terms of the procedure to change the scope of the contract seeks to avoid... Read More

Is Your Business at Risk for Coronavirus Lawsuits, and What Can You Do NOW To Avoid It?

Whether you are a small business, large business or even a government entity, are you ready (or preparing your business) for the onslaught of lawsuits resulting from the pandemic? Google “coronavirus lawsuits” — over 300 billion hits. Unfortunately, a number of those hits are plaintiffs’ class action law firms asking people to submit information... Read More