Government Relations Legislative Update - Week Fourteen

On Thursday, the first appropriations bill of the year passed one chamber. Kind of like seeing a robin in winter…you know that sine die (spring) is getting closer. This week also saw a lot of action in subcommittees and Appropriations Committees. Although the Senate and House have agreed within their Chambers on targeted amounts for the various... Read More

Government Relations Legislative Update - Week Thirteen

The Senate was busy this week confirming Governor’s Appointees. Confirmations require a two-thirds vote of all Senators. This means that 34 of the 50 must vote to confirm. With 34 Republicans in the Chamber, confirmations were less contentious than they have been in the past. Senators vote to confirm either En Bloc or on an Individual basis. Some... Read More

Government Relations Legislative Update - Week Twelve

State Budget. The final stages of the 2024 session took a big step forward on Thursday when House and Senate Leaders released budget targets. The Senate’s target is to limit expenditures to $8.872 billion for Fiscal Year 2025, the House has a higher budget number at $8.955 billion, and the Governor’s budget is at $8.919 billion. The next three... Read More

Government Relations Legislative Update - Week Eleven

Week #11 ended with movement on one of the main issues of session, the Area Education Agencies (AEA) bill. One of the major priorities of the Governor, the AEA bill in different forms has passed the Senate once and now the House twice. On Monday, the Senate amended HF 2612, and sent it back to the House with a strike-after amendment. On Thursday,... Read More

Government Relations Legislative Update - Week 10

The past week was the second funnel week. Thursday was the last day of action at the Statehouse. The Senate did not debate and instead focused on Committee work. The House debated Monday through Wednesday. On Thursday, the House placed 31 bills on the Unfinished Business Calendar which means they will continue to be eligible for further... Read More

March 15, 2024 REC Summary

The Revenue Estimating Conference (“REC”) met Friday (3.15.24) as part of their standard schedule of meetings to estimate future state revenues. REC members Kraig Paulsen and Jennifer Acton welcomed Jeff Plagge to the panel as the new public representative. A summary of the information discussed during the meeting is below, along with the linked... Read More

Government Relations Legislative Update - Week 9

Capitol Update The second funnel deadline is next Friday. We expect to see mostly Committee work next week as bills that have not made it through the Committee in the other Chamber will be considered dead for the session, with exceptions. Even though a bill itself may be considered dead, ideas are not dead and can come back in the form of... Read More

Government Relations Legislative Update - Week Eight

Capitol Update This week, many bills were debated in either the House or Senate and then passed onto their last stop in the legislative process. Each chamber must vote on the exact same language in order to finally pass the bill and have it become law. The Senate will often substitute a House File and vice versa during floor debate so the language... Read More

Government Relations Legislative Update - Week Seven

Capitol Update The focus of the legislature this week turned toward Floor Debate. Mostly non-controversial bills were considered. According to Joint House and Senate Rule 20, during week #7 debate is limited to only Senate Files in the Senate and House Files in the House. The next two weeks of debate are not limited by that rule. Budget... Read More

Government Relations Legislative Update - Week Six

Funnel week. Funnel week has come and gone and it was quite a week with 227 bills moving through Committees and 99 scheduled subcommittees. The purpose of the funnel is to “weed out” those bills that will not be given further consideration this session. The next major procedural deadline - the second funnel - is March 15. For a bill to be... Read More