Wind Farm  Assessments for Repowers Have Changed

During the most recent legislative session, the Iowa legislature passed a new law affecting the assessment of wind turbines that could have a big impact on operators planning to repower their turbines.   If the county adopts the special wind farm assessment ordinance, the wind turbines are each assessed based upon the value of the turbines,... Read More

U.S. Department of Agriculture to Invest in Renewable Energy Infrastructure

  The U.S. Department of Agriculture ("USDA") Secretary Tom Vilsack announced on September 9th that the Department will invest $464 million to improve the renewable energy infrastructure in 48 states and Puerto Rico. This program is designed to support rural communities, agricultural producers, and businesses. The USDA intends to prioritize a... Read More

Iowa Utilities Take Steps to Address Customers' COVID-19 Issues

  Many of the electric, natural gas, water, and communications utilities serving Iowans have taken steps to address their customers’ utility service issues associated with the novel coronavirus and COVID-19. Typically, these steps take the form of suspending disconnection of service for nonpayment, although the details of these suspensions can... Read More

2020 Legislative Session - Week 8

Lawmakers passed their first major appropriations bill this week, funding K-12 education.  Under SF 2142 school spending would increase by about $85.57 million.  The 2.3% funding hike was a compromise between Senate and House Republicans.  While the Senate proposed a 2.1% increase, the House called for 2.5%, which is what Governor Kim Reynolds... Read More

2020 Legislative Session - Week 7

Since many bills failed to clear the key “first funnel” deadline, lawmakers have shifted their focus to debating active legislation on the floor and crafting government spending measures.  Governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill Tuesday allocating more than $13 million to address K-12 funding inequities.  SF 2164 authorizes $7.2 million to assist... Read More

IEDA and IEC Financial Assistance Programs

The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) and the Iowa Energy Center (IEC) have opened two new programs to facilitate energy-related projects in Iowa, the IEC Grant Program and the Alternate Energy Revolving Loan Program. The IEC Grant Program is a competitive grant program for projects that provide a benefit to Iowans who purchase electric... Read More

HF 193 Has Been Introduced in the Iowa Legislature

HF 193 has been introduced in the Iowa Legislature. It prohibits any “wind generation facility” or “wind energy conversion property” from being located within 2500 feet of any residence.  It is an important and far reaching bill despite its brevity.   The bill incorporates the definitions of these terms found in Iowa Code sections 476C.1 and... Read More

Financing Renewable Energy Projects

BrownWinick's Energy Practice Group is proud to have been asked to contribute to the Iowa Chapter for the new American Bar Association treatise on Financing Renewable Energy Projects: A Global Analysis and Review of Related Power Purchase Agreements. It is a valuable resource for developers seeking to develop projects anywhere in the world. This... Read More

Iowa DOT Issues Report on Electric Vehicles

On December 31, 2018, the Iowa DOT released a report analyzing the potential effect of electric vehicles on the Road Use Tax Fund in Iowa.  Because these vehicles use no gasoline, they do not pay the state fuel tax.  The number of electric vehicles is relatively small at this time, so the impact on the Road Use Tax Fund is not immediately... Read More

Iowa's Next Energy Frontier - Microgrids

Living in Iowa, you have likely driven within sight of a wind turbine farm with its tubular towers sprouting up hundreds of feet above the local farmer’s crops, or noticed angled solar panels in tight groupings along some shadow-free earth or perched on the edge of a new building’s rooftop.  After such an observation, did you pause to wonder how... Read More