U.S. Department of Agriculture to Invest in Renewable Energy Infrastructure


The U.S. Department of Agriculture ("USDA") Secretary Tom Vilsack announced on September 9th that the Department will invest $464 million to improve the renewable energy infrastructure in 48 states and Puerto Rico. This program is designed to support rural communities, agricultural producers, and businesses. The USDA intends to prioritize a climate-smart infrastructure while building stronger and more equitable energy systems in rural America. The program aims to expand economic development and employment opportunities in rural communities. This will also lower energy costs and provide funding to help rural small businesses make improvements in renewable and efficient energy systems. The USDA will finance this through the Rural Energy for America Program and the Electric Loan Program, which include plans for carbon-capture processing, solar energy systems, and energy-efficient propane to electric irrigation systems.  These investments in infrastructure and renewable energy will provide opportunities to increase clean energy capabilities.

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