FTC Publishes Final Rule Banning Non-Competes

On May 7, 2024, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) published a Final Rule banning most post-employment non-competes. The Final Rule becomes effective on September 4, 2024. While the Final Rule faces statutory and constitutional challenges which may potentially delay and even halt the Effective date, employers should still take steps to become... Read More

The FTC Votes to Ban Non-Compete Agreements

In a 3-2 vote, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) issued a new rule (the “Final Rule”) on April 23, 2024, banning virtually all post-employment non-competes in employee-employer contracts. In a highly anticipated decision, the FTC found that non-compete agreements between an employer and employee are unfair competition violating section 5 of the... Read More

Major Economic Growth Attraction (MEGA) Program Passes Iowa Legislation

Businesses are invited to invest in Iowa by Iowa Legislators. The Major Economic Growth Attraction program (MEGA program) passed yesterday (4/16) with a vote of 47 yeas and 0 nays . The program offers tax incentives for businesses making capital investments and creating jobs in Iowa. Qualified businesses may receive a tax credit for withholding... Read More

Alabama Court Rules CTA Unconstitutional

On Friday, March 1, 2024, a U.S. District Court judge in Alabama ruled the Corporate Transparency Act unconstitutional. The Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”) is a federal law that went into effect January 1 of this year, requiring any entity that does not meet an exemption to file information on its beneficial owners with the Financial Crimes... Read More

Corporate Transparency Act Client Release

The burdensome new beneficial owner reporting requirements under The Corporate Transparency Act (the “CTA”) take effect January 1, 2024, which is rapidly approaching. BrownWinick clients involved with a business entity in any respect (whether as an owner, director, officer, manager, member, employee, or otherwise) are encouraged to reach out to... Read More

BrownWinick Included in 2024 Edition of Best Laws Firms Ranked by Best®

BrownWinick is excited to announce the firm has been included in the Best Law Firms Ranked by Best® 2024 publication. Firms included in the 2024 edition of Best Law Firms® list are recognized for professional excellence with persistently impressive ratings from clients and peers. Achieving a tiered ranking signals a unique combination of quality... Read More

Profits Interests - Equity Compensation for Partnerships

Many people are familiar with stock options and how those operate, but for those businesses organized as an LLC and taxed as a partnership, profits interests are another tool in the toolbox to recruit, retain, and motivate your employees. However, I often need to provide more explanation about profits interests and how they work than stock options... Read More

Influencer Branding - Creators and Company Considerations

There is no doubt that social media has changed the landscape of how companies market their products. Now, one person can speak to thousands or millions of their followers to promote a specific product. However, influencer marketing has regulations much like its traditional counterpart. Influencers, or otherwise known as content creators, should... Read More

Using Equity Compensation to Motivate and Recruit Talent

Businesses today face many different kinds of challenges, but one that is especially difficult to resolve is securing and motivating talented employees. How do you motivate your employees to think of themselves as an important piece of the puzzle in growing the value of your company? One tried and true method of doing so is through equity... Read More

End of LIBOR is Here

The London Interbank Offering Rate (commonly known as LIBOR) has been a key benchmark for setting the interest rates charged on adjustable rate loans, mortgages and corporate debt for the last 40 years. Due to concerns that the benchmark was being manipulated, LIBOR has been phased out over the last few years. Effective June 30, 2023, the... Read More