2022 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 12 Summary

The end of the 2022 legislative session is getting ever closer as we approach the 100th day of session. Tuesday, April 19th is the target adjournment date, but that is not a hard and fast end date. Lawmakers’ per diem payments end on that date so it is a built-in incentive to conclude legislative work in a timely manner - the final “funnel” of... Read More

2022 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 11 Summary

The Senate had a short week of debate with no activity Monday or Thursday. On Tuesday, the chamber did pass eleven bills off the floor. They also passed ten bills Wednesday with eight passing unanimously. Across the rotunda, House lawmakers debated eleven bills on Tuesday, four bills on Wednesday, and thirteen bills on Thursday. This included the... Read More

Government Relations Update - 03-21-2022

Friday, March 18th marked the filing deadline for state and legislative offices. November’s ballot will include races for U.S. Senate, all four U.S. House of Representative Districts, Governor, Secretary of State, State Auditor, State Treasurer, Secretary of Agriculture, and Attorney General. Candidates for the June 7, 2022 primary election are... Read More

2022 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 10 Summary

The second funnel deadline has come and gone. Bills that didn’t pass all the way through the first Chamber and the Committee in the other Chamber are DEAD for the session. Although, some bills come back as amendments to other bills - so we have to remain vigilant. Bills that have been referred to Ways and Means and Appropriations are not subject... Read More

2022 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 9 Summary

Vowing to keep Iowa a state “where you can live your life freely” Governor Reynolds announced her reelection campaign on Wednesday at the State Fairgrounds. Reynolds is Iowa’s first female governor, assuming the role in 2017 and winning her first election in 2018. Reynolds’ only announced Democratic opponent is Deidre De Jear. Recent polling... Read More

Government Relations Update - 03-10-2022

March 10, 2022 / REC SUMMARY The Revenue Estimating Conference (“REC”), comprised of a three-member panel (Kraig Paulsen, Holly Lyons, and David Underwood) met this morning (3/10/22) as part of their standard schedule of meetings to estimate future state revenues. A summary of the information discussed during the meeting is below, along with this... Read More

2022 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 8 Summary

The legislature shifted this week from subcommittee and committee work to floor debate. The next major deadline is only two weeks away - March 18, the second funnel. This is the deadline by which policy bills must advance out of both a Committee and the floor in the originating chamber and clear a Committee in the other Chamber. Many bills fail to... Read More

2022 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 7 Summary

Governor Kim Reynolds has been tapped to give the GOP response to President Biden’s State of the Union Address next week. U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and U.S. House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy announced the decision in a joint release Tuesday. “Governor Kim Reynolds’ brave, bold, and successful leadership for Iowans has put... Read More

2022 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 6 Summary

The first funnel week has come and gone, with a total of 118 subcommittees held in just four days: 41 in the Senate and 77 in the House. The focus will now shift to floor debate as only a handful of bills have reached the full chamber for consideration. The next major funnel requires a bill be voted out of the first Chamber and move through... Read More

2022 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 5 Summary

The first MAJOR deadline for the 2022 General Assembly is next Friday, February 18. That is the date by which “most” bills must be out of the Committee of origin. There are exceptions to this rule however for Ways and Means, Appropriations, and Leadership bills. Next week will be a hectic one at the Capitol with many bills yet to be filed,... Read More