2023 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 7 Summary

The week continued to ramp up as lawmakers prepare for next week’s funnel. This means that, with a few exceptions, by the end of next week, all bills must be voted out a subcommittee and their corresponding Senate or House committees. With an eye towards the quickly approaching funnel deadline, lawmakers packed this week with subcommittee and... Read More

No More Non-Competes? What Pending Laws May Mean for Employment in Iowa

There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this, you’re currently subject to a non-compete provision.    Non-compete provisions or agreements are notorious in that they have a complicated and long history within labor and employment law. For instance, in England circa 1414, an apprentice promised to refrain from practicing his trade for 6 months... Read More

International Investment Considerations: CIFUS

When a foreign party is involved in the potential acquisition of or investment in a U.S. business, they are doing much more than just investing in the U.S.  Transactions in which a foreign party is involved, may also bring along CIFUS compliance considerations. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (“CIFUS”) is a federal... Read More

2023 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 6 Summary

Only 100 days have passed since the November Midterm Elections, but Republicans are already starting to focus on the 2024 presidential election and making Iowa a priority. Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina Governor and United Nations Ambassador, announced her presidential campaign earlier this week.  Haley is scheduled to be in Iowa next week... Read More

What is the Manufacturing 4.0 Technology Investment Program?

The Iowa Economic Development Authority and Gov. Reynolds announced that an additional $2,000,000 of the funds provided by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) have been invested in the Manufacturing 4.0 Technology Investment Program. The program is intended to help small- and mid-size Iowa manufacturers invest in the adoption and integration of... Read More

2023 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 5 Summary

State funding for Iowa’s K-12 public schools was increased by 3 percent on Tuesday when Governor Kim Reynolds signed Senate File 192 into law.  The Senate passed the bill last week with a 34-15 vote, and the House passed the bill on Tuesday morning with a 59-40 vote.  With the new law, the state will see an increase of $222 per student, resulting... Read More

2023 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 4 Summary

The Legislature continues to move tort reform through the chambers. House Study Bill 114 proposes to limit non-economic damages to $1 million in lawsuits involving commercial vehicles; along provisions addressing employer liability for hiring practices. The bill passed through the subcommittee on Monday, and the Senate’s version, Senate Study Bill... Read More

The Supplemental Register - What is it? How is the Supplemental Register Different than the Principal Register?

Wait! What? There are different kinds of federal trademark registers?  The answer is Yes. There are two types of federal trademark registers – The “Principal Register” and the “Supplemental Register.”   In this blog I hope to provide some insight on the differences between trademarks registered on the Principal Register and the Supplemental... Read More

2023 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 3 Summary

The pace at the Capitol definitely picked up this week with many bills swiftly passing out of subcommittee and Committee.  The first funnel is on March 3 and we typically see this pace closer to this first important deadline.  This is in part a reflection of Leadership telling Committee Chairs to keep bills moving and so many new members anxious... Read More

2023 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 2 Summary

The Governor’s priority education savings accounts bill took huge steps forward this week in both the House and Senate.  On Tuesday, the House held a public hearing to allow both supporters and opponents of the bill to advocate on the bill.  More than a hundred individuals signed up to speak for up to two minutes each.  The bill, now House File 68... Read More