How Your M&A Escrow Can Go Wrong

In the world of M&A transactions, there is always a large debate between buyer and seller on proper security for certain liabilities that the buyer may experience after the closing. A solution very commonly used is to place a certain percentage of the purchase price into escrow with an escrow agent, such as a bank, to hold the money post-closing... Read More

M&A During COVID-19

  If you’re wondering what impact the COVID-19 crisis has had on the M&A world, you’re asking the right question. There is no doubt this pandemic caused turbulence in the financial market, but it may not all be bad news. While some companies are treading carefully during this uncertain economic state, others are moving quickly to secure strategic... Read More

Material Adverse Effect Clauses and COVID-19

  Material Adverse Effect (“MAE”) clauses are frequently found in merger and acquisition (“M&A”) agreements. Most typically, MAE clauses are incorporated as a closing condition that permits a buyer to terminate the agreement if the seller has had an MAE between the signing of the agreement and the closing of the transaction. In general, the... Read More