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Government Relations Update - 05-25-2022

The 2022 Iowa legislature adjourned sine die early this morning capping an extended 136-day session. The final gavel fell at 12:10 AM in the Senate and at 12:16 AM in the House.  The final two days of session included the passage of a handful of remaining policy bills and the entire state budget.  All the budget bills fund various departments of... Read More

2022 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 19 Summary

After weeks of limited activity, the Senate Appropriations Committee convened Wednesday signaling the end of the 2022 legislative session is near. The Committee passed ten bills, nine of which were budgets. Most of the budget bills passed with agreed-to amendments between the Senate and House.  Negotiations continue on the largest budget, Health... Read More

New ASTM Standard for Commercial Real Estate Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

On November 1, 2021, the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) International released its revised standards for conducting an environmental site assessment of a parcel of commercial real estate. The new standard updates the previous standard released in 2013. Now referred to as ASTM E1527-21, the ASTM standard is widely used to satisfy... Read More

2022 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 18 Summary

As no formal activity occurred at the Statehouse this week, we turn our attention towards the fast approaching June 7th primary.  Early in-person and mail-in voting will begin Wednesday, May 18th.  To confirm you are registered to vote, and locate your primary and election polling locations, click HERE for the Iowa Secretary of State’s voting... Read More

2022 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 17 Summary

Week 17 at the Capitol slowed to a crawl.  The Senate debated on Monday and moved several bills to the Governor and a couple back to the House.  The debated bills included a proposal from the Governor’s Child Care Task Force Recommendations - HF 2127.  This bill would allow child care providers to collect the rate difference between families who... Read More

2022 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 16 Summary

Week sixteen officially started overtime for the 2022 legislative session.  Out of curiosity you may be wondering if the session has gone into overtime in the past…the answer is, more often than not, YES.  The first legislative session was held by the Iowa Territory Legislative Assembly in 1838.  The Iowa General Assembly began holding legislative... Read More

2022 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 15 Summary

The 100th day has passed with two days of debate in the Senate and zero activity in the House this week.  At this point the only real deadline is July 1st - the date of the new fiscal year and the date which the budget bills take effect.  Several legislators have primary contests and are chomping at the bit to get out there and door knock.  The... Read More

BrownWinick Hosts the New Carbon Economy Summit

BrownWinick recently hosted the New Carbon Economy Summit in West Des Moines, IA. The summit brought attendees from across Midwest and beyond to learn about emerging innovative technologies, practices, and solutions that promote carbon sequestration, capture, and or transfer to address our climate challenges. The discussions covered a spectrum of... Read More