BrownWinick Welcomes Twelve Law Students to the 2024 Summer Associate Program

BrownWinick is pleased to welcome twelve law students into this year’s 2024 Summer Associate Program. This program offers law students the benefit of working at a full-service law firm while providing the personal attention more characteristic of a smaller firm. Lawyers at all levels work closely with the summer associates to involve them in the cases and transactions they work on.  Throughout the summer, our summer associates often attend client meetings, help prepare witnesses for their testimony at trial, and attend depositions, hearings and trials.   

"We're thrilled to welcome this exceptional group of students joining us for the summer," remarked Brian McCormac, Chair of the Recruitment Committee. "Our summer program promises an enriching journey, where students will engage in dynamic projects spanning diverse practice areas, equipping them for their post-law school endeavors. Our firm also facilitates social gatherings and collaborative exercises that showcase the community of Des Moines, fostering camaraderie among peers and deepening their connection to our culture."   

Learn more about our Summer Associate Program here and get to know this year’s group of summer associates below. 

Thomas Armstrong 

Thomas is a 1L at Drake University Law School interested in Transactional law. To Thomas, the lawyer's profession was attractive in both the challenges of the work to be done and the opportunities available for those with the unique skills gained by pursuing the degree. In his free time, he enjoys fitness, upland bird hunting, boating with his family, and watching movies with his wife. A fun fact about Thomas is that he hiked Miller Peak Mountain, the most southernly peak to rise above 9,000 feet in the continental U.S. 

Brooke De Noble 

Brooke is a 1L at Drake University Law School with an interest in Estate Planning and Transactional law. She was interested in a law degree because it would allow her to make a difference in the lives of those needing legal assistance. In her free time, Brooke loves to read, play athletics, and travel! 

Andrew Fisher 

Andrew is a 1L at Drake University Law School who is interested in Intellectual Property and Transactional work. Andrew went to law school because he was looking for a way to better leverage his skillset to achieve direct, positive outcomes for the people that he worked with and worked for. Andrew has been working for the last ten years in agriculture research - primarily plant breeding. He enjoys being outdoors and bringing the outdoors in through houseplants. 

Emma Gordon 

Emma is a 2L at the University of Iowa College of Law and is interested in Transactional and Energy law. Emma’s background in economics and her desire to help and develop relationships with people is what led her to a law degree. Outside of work, Emma enjoys being active outside, typically running, hiking or playing sand volleyball.   

Grace Kruse 

Grace is a 2L at Saint Louis University College of Law and is interested in Employee Benefits and Tax law. During her undergraduate coursework in accounting, Grace found the law and its effect on business operations interesting, which is ultimately why she decided to pursue a law degree. In her free time, she enjoys walking her dogs in the park and riding her horses. 

Brianne Miller 

Brianne is a 2L at Drake University Law School interested in Health, Transactional and Litigation work. She chose to pursue a law degree because she used to work in public health research and education, and she felt like taking the step into law school would allow her to make greater change. Brianne loves to attend baseball games and wants to see every MLB stadium. 

Rachel Schmit 

Rachel is a 2L at University of Iowa College of Law interested in Transactional and Estate Planning work. She wanted to be able to use her knowledge and experience to help those with legal problems navigate the complex legal system. A fun fact about Rachel is that she woke up at 2 am to go to College Gameday for the Iowa v. Iowa State game, and you could see her sign behind Matt Campbell during his interview! 

Katelyn Schmitz 

Katelyn is a 1L student at Drake University Law School interested in IP and Transactional work. She chose to pursue a law degree to build a career that allows her to meaningfully help others while exercising problem-solving skills. Katelyn enjoys fitness, cooking, and traveling. Prior to law school, she worked as an engineer in both software development and manufacturing. 

Kelsey Schott 

Kelsey is a 2L at Drake University Law School with an interest in Litigation. She always wanted to attend law school growing up and after four years of working in debate education, she decided that she wanted to put into practice the issues her students had advocated for. Kelsey felt a call for the practice of law as she appreciates solving complex problems, advocating for others, and effectively communicating. She spends most weekends coaching and judging debate for Simpson College and for local Des Moines high schools, and she enjoys spending time with my friends and family, running and trying new things! 

Dylan Schuchard 

Dylan is a 2L at Drake University Law School interested in Intellectual Property. Dylan always wanted to pursue an advanced degree. He wanted to expand upon what he learned as an engineer in undergrad. He enjoys running/going on walks with his wife and their relatively young puppy, is a big sports fan, and enjoys music and playing his guitars.  

Alexis Soukup 

Alexis is a 2L at University of Iowa College of Law interested in Health and Transactional law. Her family would likely say she pursued a degree in law because she argues with them all the time, but Alexis says she chose to pursue a law degree because she finds the law to be fascinating and complex. Alexis enjoys cooking, hiking, and bingeing tv shows. She has two dogs, a chow chow (Zola) and a chocolate lab (Luna), and one orange cat (Pumpkin). 

Jenna Vignovich 

Jenna is a 2L at University of Iowa College of Law with an interest in Estate Planning law. Jenna always wanted to pursue a higher degree. She enjoys the analytical aspect and intellectual challenge of the legal field, and she wants to use her profession to help others. Jenna enjoys golfing, playing basketball, hiking, hunting and fishing and is currently planning a wedding (big day in May 2025).