2023 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 16 Summary

The 110th day of the legislative session has come and gone with no adjournment. Conjecture is adjournment “sine die” will likely occur sometime next week. The House has issued a lengthy debate calendar for next Monday May 1 - signaling the House’s intent to finish. The Senate debated each day this week and passed 44 bills. This despite the fact that the voting machine in the Senate stopped working correctly later in the week so the roll call vote was literally a “roll call” taken by the Secretary of the Senate. 


The House didn’t debate this week, but the House Appropriations Committee met on Thursday to move several appropriations bills forward. The status of the appropriations bills are outlined in the following chart. Of note, there are ten budget bills in addition to the standings appropriation bill which is generally the last bill to be considered in the legislative session.


Subject Matter  



Next Step  

Agriculture and Natural Resources  

SF 558 passed Senate 4/25 

SF 558 Passed House Appropriations 4/27  

House Floor Debate 

Administration and Regulation 

SF 557 passed Senate 4/26 

SF 557 passed House Appropriations 4/27 

House Floor Debate 

Economic Development 

SF 559 - No numbers yet - Senate Calendar 


Senate Amendment and Senate Floor Debate 

Federal Block Grants 

HF 709 passed House 4/13 

HF 709 passed Senate with amendment 4/25 

House must approve Senate Amendment 

Health and Human Services 

SF 561 passed Senate 4/27 


HSB 248 passed Appropriations Committee 4/27 


House and Senate agree to a conforming amendment  


SF 560 - No numbers yet - Senate Calendar 


Senate Amendment and Senate Floor Debate 

Judicial Branch  

SF 562 - No numbers yet - Senate Calendar 


Senate Amendment and Senate Floor Debate 

Justice System  

SF 563 - No numbers yet - Senate Calendar 


Senate Amendment and Senate Floor Debate 

Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure 

No bill filed yet  




SF 576 Passed Senate 4/25 

SF 576 Passed House Appropriations 4/27 

House Floor Debate 

The Governor also signed five bills into law on Thursday:

  • HF 316: A bill for an act relating to value-added products or services offered by insurers or producers.  
  • HF 570: A bill for an act relating to assault including assault on pregnant women and domestic abuse assault, and providing penalties. 
  • HF 656: A bill for an act establishing the dentist and dental hygienist compact. 
  • SF 135: A bill for an act relating to registered interior design and providing penalties. 
  • SF 193: A bill for an act relating to the removal of human remains by a removal technician. 

In the Know 

This week Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird announced a partnership with the National Child Identification Program to provide families with child ID kits to help law enforcement identify and find a missing child. The kit includes an inkless fingerprint card, a DNA swab and a recording of any distinguishing physical characteristics of the child. This information stays at home with the parent.  

Iowa legislators approved an amendment to the Iowa Constitution. The proposed amendment, House Joint Resolution 3, clarifies the state’s line of succession. The constitutional amendment states that when a governor appoints a lieutenant governor to fill a vacancy, that new lieutenant governor is granted the office’s full authority and succeeds the governor. The need for the amendment was brought about in 2017 when Governor Kim Reynolds replaced former Governor Terry Branstad. At that time, the question was raised whether legally, the state constitution granted Reynolds’ appointed lieutenant governor, Adam Gregg, the office’s full authority and whether he would become governor if Reynolds had to leave office. The question was no longer necessary after Reynolds and Gregg won election in 2018. 

To pass a Constitutional amendment it must be approved by consecutive Iowa General Assemblies, and then passed during a general election. House Joint Resolution 3 was first passed in 2022, and was passed again in 2023. The amendment is now eligible to be on the ballot in the November 2024 general election.

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