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Iowa's New & Improved Retail Alcohol Licenses: What Changes to Expect

Iowa recently enacted significant changes to its laws regarding the regulation of retail alcohol sales during the 2022 legislative session by the passing of Senate File 2374. These changes will take effect on January 1, 2023. These changes seek to make the alcohol licensing process more simplified and efficient for manufacturers, retailers, and... Read More

Contract Brewing - A Strategy for "Right Sizing" Brewery Production

One of the toughest decisions a brewery owner must make is deciding how much production capacity is the right amount.  Starting (or expanding) a brewery is a huge decision.  Brewing equipment is expensive and filling excess production capacity can be a tediously slow process.  After an expansion, a brewery owner may spend many sleepless nights... Read More

A Huge Win For Iowa's Great Distilleries!

The law, as it was written, allowed Iowa breweries and wineries to serve alcohol on site to paying customers.  However, Iowa distilleries did not enjoy a similar privilege.  This meant that Iowa distilleries could not sell a glass of their spirits to visiting customers.  This Prohibition era restriction limits customer engagement with Iowa... Read More