Iowa Dental Board Phone Scam

The Iowa Dental Board has released an alert to warn dental providers of a phone scam targeting providers. The Dental Board received information that a caller is impersonating a Dental Board investigator, calling from a spoofed phone number that appears to be a Dental Board phone number.

The Dental Board issued the following statement in response to this phone scam: “Please be advised that the Board would never call a dental office and demand money or use other high-pressure tactics to obtain information. A legitimate Board investigation is conducted through a formal process, which includes notification of a pending investigation and an opportunity to respond to any allegation. If you are ever unsure about a phone call regarding business with our office, please hang up and call the Board office directly at 515-281-5157.”

For more information regarding this phone scam, please see the Dental Board Phone Scam Alert:

Earlier last month, the Iowa Board of Pharmacy issued a news release addressing similar phone scams and letters. Visit the following link for more information regarding the Board of Pharmacy news release: