BrownWinick Earns a 2022 Best Place for Working Parents® Designation

BrownWinick is excited to announce that it has been awarded the Best Place for Working Parents designation. This is a program designed to recognize employers’ investments in childcare, effort to attract working parents, encourage competition, and ensure continued investment in Iowa families.  

The Iowa Economic Development Authority considers an employer’s implementation of various family-related policies in awarding the designation. These policies are research-backed and create a positive impact for both employees and the businesses that implement them.

The policies offered by BrownWinick include the following: 
  • Company-paid Health Care Coverage, 
  • Paid Time Off, 
  • Parental Leave, 
  • Nursing Benefits, 
  • ‘Best Place’ Designation, 
  • Child Care Assistance, 
  • Flexible Hours, 
  • Working Remotely 

"At our firm, we strive to create a flexible work environment with benefits that are inclusive for our employees with children," said Sean Moore, the firm's managing partner. "We are very proud to have received this Best Place for Working Parents achievement that recognizes our efforts."   

This Iowa program is a local partner of The Best Place for Working Parents national initiative.  

Special thanks to summer associate Jenna Nelson for her assistance in putting this blog together.