BrownWinick Collects More Than 5,500 Diapers to Support Local Refugee Families

BrownWinick’s Community Engagement Committee recently held a diaper drive in collaboration with Bethany Christian Services in support of the Start Small Project in Des Moines. Start Small Project is a community effort to help fill a specific yet impactful need: diapers for refugee and immigrant families in the Des Moines area.  

Every single box of diapers is donated by donors in the community, and every single box is delivered into the hands of local families. The Start Small Project is focused on community looking out for community and knowing that every child deserves a clean diaper.  

Diaper need is the lack of a sufficient number of diapers to keep a baby clean, dry, and healthy. Diapers are material basic necessities all children require, as essential as food, shelter, and clothing. Yet, most state and national safety-net programs do not recognize diapers as a basic need.  

The Start Small Project distributed more than 49,000 diapers during the first half in 2021! 

Visit their Facebook page to find out how you can get involved and donate a box of diapers or wipes today! 

BrownWinick is proud to serve our community and local families in this way. TOTAL DIAPERS DONATED: 5,844 diapers 

TOTAL BABY WIPES DONATED: 105 packs of baby wipes or over 8,500 individual wipes 

About Bethany Christian Services:  

Bethany Christian Services is an accredited organization that believes that all children deserve to be in safe and loving families. They work to support vulnerable kids in throughout the U.S., refugees and immigrants, and global families. Their work began over 75 years ago by serving a single child. Today they serve in over 30 states and help more than 50,000 people per year. To learn more about how you can assist them in their mission, visit