Identification of "Essential Business" Employees


As more cities and states are moving to require citizens to “shelter in place,” how do “essential business” employees identify themselves?  The “shelter in place” orders that have been issued so far have been issued by city or state governments.  Each order may have specific nuances; however, the general employee identification form will be similar. Here, for you reference, is a Travel Authorization - Sample Form as an example.  

In the event that a city or state where you are doing business issues a “shelter in place” order, please contact us to help you:

  1. Determine if you are an “Essential Business;” and
  2. To properly fill out this form consistent with the applicable order itself and with information pertinent to your business and its essential nature

Do not hesitate to contact your BrownWinick attorney for more information.  Please continue to follow our COVID-19 Resource page for updates on the ongoing legal implications of COVID-19.