BW Innovation Day - 2017

As part of its commitment to continuously improving the delivery of legal services to its client, BrownWinick held its first BW Innovation Day on May 12, 2017. Innovation Day was structured like Startup Weekend, with partners, associates, and staff pitching ideas in the morning, forming teams, and working on executing those ideas throughout the day.

Enthusiasm was high throughout the day, with 24 ideas being pitched. The participants formed five teams working on a variety of projects, including:

  • Improving our business intelligence dashboards and internal project assignment processes.
  • Creating tools and structures to create a consistent client experience throughout the firm.
  • A proposal for an internal health initiative called BWell.
  • A proposal to create a culture of community engagement, including the formation of a firm charitable foundation.
  • The exploration of the creation of an intranet to facilitate knowledge transfer, training, and process management.
  • A proposal to create a video production studio to create higher quality educational and training content for internal and client use.

Each team presented their ideas and next steps at the end of the day to the firm’s Innovation Committee, and will be following up on execution of the ideas in the coming months. Innovation Day is just one of the many ways in which BrownWinick is committed to continuous improvement in the delivery of legal services.