A Huge Win For Iowa's Great Distilleries!

The law, as it was written, allowed Iowa breweries and wineries to serve alcohol on site to paying customers.  However, Iowa distilleries did not enjoy a similar privilege.  This meant that Iowa distilleries could not sell a glass of their spirits to visiting customers. 

This Prohibition era restriction limits customer engagement with Iowa distilleries which inevitably has a negative impact on the growth of their business. 

On May 9th Gov. Terry Branstad signed House File 607 into law putting Iowa distilleries on an even playing field with Iowa breweries and wineries by allowing Iowa distilleries to serve alcohol to paying customers.  This new law should fuel greater growth and interest in Iowa’s great distilleries.  This new law also promotes the eat-local - drink-local movement and supports the Iowa economy.

In celebration of this victory, let’s all drink a toast (at one of Iowa’s great distilleries) to Iowa’s great distilleries!