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Our lawyers work with technology companies, venture capital firms, manufacturers and almost every business in between. We assist clients in forming corporations and limited liability companies. We raise capital, protect intellectual property and negotiate matters. We are BrownWinick - and we want to take your business to the next level.


A real lawyer will help you set up your business at an attractive price which is established upfront.  No hidden fees, no uncertainty.  Before you agree to engage us, you will know what we will charge you to set up your new business entity. 

Unlike the other companies that give you blank legal documents, we provide skilled judgment to help you know what legal documents and structure to use to best accomplish your goals and to guide you along the way.  


  • Contact us by filling out the "Contact Us" form on the right.
  • We will contact you to schedule an initial consultation, free of charge, to discuss your business and the cost to you for our services. These initial consultations will be conducted either at our office in Des Moines, Iowa, by telephone, Skype or FaceTime.
  • After this initial consultation, you will receive a set price for our services. Then you get to decide if you want to move forward. 


  • $450 plus filing fee* to form a single owner entity.
  • $750 plus filing fee* to form a multiple owner entity with standard management rights.
  • $1,000 plus filing fee* to form a multiple owner entity with standard management rights and standard buy-sell provisions.
  • Costs for other business entities or more complicated management structures will be set after the initial consultation.
  • Other common legal services are also available on a flat fee basis upon request, including confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements, trademark applications, intellectual property assignments and equity compensation arrangements. For more information regarding the legal services we perform for startups and early stage companies, please click here.

* The initial filing fee in Iowa is $50 for either a limited liability company or an corporation.  Other states may have different filing fees.


For all business entities, we provide the following services:

  • An initial consultation, free of charge, with a real Iowa lawyer to discuss the different types of legal entities that are available to you and assist you in choosing the entity that makes the most sense for your business. 
  • Up to one hour of legal consultation included in the cost to organize your business entity to answer any questions you may have about your business entity.
  • Real Iowa lawyers from our Startup Practice Group you can talk to as your business grows or you have questions about your business entity. 
  • You may use our office as your registered agent for free.  Other common providers charge $150+ per year or include it as part of monthly subscription plans that cost $40+.  We will contact you when it is time to file your biennial report to keep your entity in good standing, and we can assist you in filing this report for an additional fee.

For LLCs, we provide the following documents:

  • A Certificate of Organization, filed by a real Iowa lawyer.
  • An Operating Agreement for your LLC.
  • Corporate minutes which complete the formation of your new LLC.
  • An Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • Membership Unit Certificates.

For Corporations, we provide the following documents:

  • Articles of Incorporation, filed by a real Iowa lawyer.
  • Bylaws for your Corporation.
  • Corporate minutes which complete the incorporation of your new Corporation.
  • An Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • A Form 2553 S-Corporation Election (if applicable).
  • Share Certificates.

The documents needed for other business entities, including professional LLCs, or non-profit companies, will be determined after the initial consultation. 

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