Governmental Relations

Governmental Relations

BrownWinick represents business and individual interests before the Iowa Legislature, the Governor's Office and numerous state agencies, as well as at the federal and local municipal levels. Our team represents fortune 500 clients as well as local businesses in numerous industries including agriculture, conservation, education, financial, gaming, health, insurance, and technology.

Our lobbying team of attorneys have considerable prior experience in all three branches of state government, as well as service in county and city government.

Services Offered:

We represent and advocate for clients before legislative and executive branch decision makers to obtain support for (or defend against) legislative and regulatory proposals. Supported by BrownWinick’s full range of nationally-recognized legal services, we work closely with our clients to carefully draft legislation, develop grassroots programs and build coalitions on numerous matters. Both political parties are represented in our lobbying team.

Strategy Development
Clients are assisted in developing goals and effective strategies in support of their legislative and regulatory agendas. This includes arranging meetings with key elected officials and policy makers. Assistance is also provided in the development of effective and supportive public relations and media campaigns.

Legislative/Regulatory Drafting
Our team regularly drafts legislation and regulations to address our clients’ needs. BrownWinick assists clients in getting these legislative and regulatory proposals introduced before the appropriate governing body and in shepherding them through the approval process.

Tracking and Evaluation of Legislation
On site personal attention as well as the latest computer technology are both used to monitor legislative trends and developments that likely affect clients and their interests. This work includes legal analysis and reporting on legislation as it moves through the lengthy process of hearings, committee meetings, floor debate, and consideration by the executive branch.

Ethics and Election Laws
Our team regularly works with and counsels clients to ensure compliance with applicable rules, laws, and ethical considerations on lobbying, campaign finance, and corporate political activity.

Political Activities
Practical recommendations are made to clients on the administration and development of political action committees. Such work includes providing proposals for effective use of campaign contributions. Campaign contribution plans are also developed for clients without political action committees. Finally, we also assist with political campaigns and administer ballot issue campaigns.

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