Data Security and Privacy

Data Security and Privacy

Are you doing all you can to protect your bottom line and reputation? The financial, legal and public relations impact of data breaches and privacy risks can be severe.

Data security and privacy regulatory compliance is one of the most challenging issues facing businesses today.  Amid changes to the global privacy landscape, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") as well as continuing revelations in the news regarding massive data breaches from some of the country’s most well-known companies, more and more companies are recognizing the risks they face related to the data they collect.

Call our BrownWinick team to discuss:

  • How do I comply with GDPR?
  • What constitutes protected personal information?
  • What is required if I have a data breach?
  • How can I properly use personal information in my marketing activities, such as e-mail, phone and text message marketing?
  • What are the key differences between the U.S. and European privacy standards?
  • What steps can your business take to start protecting itself in the digital world?
  • Who in my organization may be legally required to oversee data security risks?

From managing data privacy and protection to responding to litigation and regulatory investigations stemming from data breaches and privacy violations, your BrownWinick team is prepared to assist and guide you through the increasingly complex legal arena surrounding data privacy and security.

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