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Effective management of your company's human resources is critical to building a successful organization.

As a business owner or company executive, you understand that effective management of your company’s human resources is critical to building a successful organization. This can be a challenging task for employers, and failure to do so can lead to costly mistakes and lawsuits.  

To help you address these issues, the BrownWinick Employment Practice Group has created a systematic approach to auditing your Human Resources Department.

The HR Audit can help you avoid potential lawsuits by identifying and correcting:

  • Inaccurate, incomplete or outdated employee handbooks, policies and guidelines
  • Inconsistent application of policies and guidelines
  • Misunderstanding of policies and guidelines
  • Insufficient training on policies and guidelines
  • Pay practices that create liability
  • Problematic documentation practices

We want to help you run your business more efficiently and to eliminate employment risks. We will meet on site with your Human Resources personnel and other company leadership to assess strengths and weaknesses. BrownWinick will work with you to identify employment issues, create a workflow schedule and a plan for compliance that meets the needs of your business. An HR Audit can be structured to be either comprehensive or specifically focused, within the limitations of time, budget and staff. 


“We partner with our clients to identify employment issues and develop a cost-effective approach to compliance with ever-changing employment laws.” - Beth Coonan



“One of the unique advantages of having our team help yours is that our communications are protected by attorney-client privilege.  Additionally, we are able to provide strategic insight on compliance that comes from having litigated employment matters. ” - Ann Kendell


Employers should regularly and carefully examine their HR policies, procedures and practices.  Regardless of the type of company or the size of your HR Department, a HR Audit is a simple, yet comprehensive tool to analyze and improve your effectiveness as a business.

Consider an HR Audit to avoid becoming a statistic.  


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