Technology is transforming every industry and the agricultural industry is no exception.

With a common goal of increasing food production to feed a growing population, farmers are more dependent than ever on technology to make their operations efficient and profitable.  BrownWinick is one of the leading law firms focusing on the agricultural technology (“AgTech”) sector, representing livestock producers, livestock genetics companies, veterinary supply distributors, seed companies, agricultural manufacturers, agricultural cooperatives, technology companies, researchers, software companies, food and agriculture startups, alternative energy companies, environmental consultants, and chemical/fertilizer companies.

BrownWinick lawyers practicing in the AgTech sector have, collectively, over 200 years of legal experience working with clients to add value to their businesses.  Whether it is forming a startup company, merging with or acquiring an existing company, entering into a licensing agreement regarding new technology or something in between, BrownWinick has the skills necessary to handle those legal matters and the industry experience required to add value to any AgTech transaction.

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