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Administrative Law

BrownWinick has a strong regulatory practice in rulemaking and other agency actions, as well as a vibrant and successful administrative litigation practice.

The types of agencies involved in our administrative practice are equally diverse and reflect the experience of many of our attorneys who have worked for many of the same agencies.

Our attorneys represent a broad array of clients before federal, state and local agencies as well as participating in judicial and administrative reviews. We regularly represent clients in matters involving insurance regulation, tax appeals, farm elevator licenses, hospital and long-term care licensing issues, mining permits and appeals, environmental discharge permits, environmental penalty appeals, economic development project funding efforts and energy and telecommunications regulatory issues, among others. BrownWinick recognizes the valuable role of Iowa's Chief Executive and other elected state cabinet officials, as well as the political input available from the Legislative Branch, in some aspects of the state agency actions such as rulemakings and economic development matters. Thus strategic plans for clients can also include the full spectrum of government decision-makers, always fully respecting the necessary and appropriate parameters of government ethical considerations. Matters at the federal regulatory level receive similar attention.

We seek to provide informed, quality, professional service to our clients, working on the premise that city hall or the statehouse or the federal office building might be the best place to start for providing cost-effective, prompt and thorough resolution and support of our clients' issues.

Administrative Law Attorneys

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