Iowa DBA Basics

Posted by Brandon Cole on Monday, August 5, 2019

In Iowa, any business that wishes to do business using a different name than what the business was formed under must file for a DBA (“doing business as”). A DBA is an additional legal name for a business entity. It is also referred to as a trade name or fictitious name. It is not a replacement name, but instead a name taken on by a business entity that is different from the one that was used to form the business.

Sole proprietorships and partnerships that wish to do business as anything but the surname(s) of the owner(s) must file a Verified Statement with the county recorder where the business is to be conducted. For instance, the Polk County Verified Statement form is available here. Any LLC or corporation using a trade name to conduct business must file a Resolution to Adopt Fictitious Name with the Iowa Secretary of State. If a business fails to register a DBA, it can face potential liability.

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* This article was written by Brandon Cole with the help of BrownWinick 2019 Summer Associate, Casey Sievert.