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Identification of "Essential Business" Employees

  As more cities and states are moving to require citizens to “shelter in place,” how do “essential business” employees identify themselves?  The “shelter in place” orders that have been issued so far have been issued by city or state governments.  Each order may have specific nuances; however, the general employee identification form will be... Read More

Clarification Provided on Remote Notarizations

  On March 24, 2020, the Iowa Secretary of State issued guidance for remote notarizations. It clarifies that remote notarization must comply with Section 6 of Senate File 475 and Iowa Administrative Code 721-43, Iowa Code chapter 9B, as summarized in our previous post, Remote Notary Now an Option. Per the Iowa Secretary of State’s guidance, remote... Read More

What are my Information Rights as an LLC Member?

When a limited liability company (“LLC”) is first formed, its owners are often eager to start doing business. In the pandemonium that comes along with getting a business up and running, the owners often overlook what business records and information the owners of the LLC may rightfully access going forward (often referred to as “information... Read More

What is an S Corp and Why Should You Consider One

S corporations, also called “S Corps”, are the largest tax filing entity in the United States. Nonetheless, I find that entrepreneurs are sometimes confused about what an S Corp is and why they should consider one. My goal with this post is to clear up misconceptions about S Corps and provide some insight as to the advantages and tax planning... Read More

Choosing to Operate as an LLC: What Next?

Congratulations on choosing to operate your business as a limited liability company. Limited liability companies offer the liability protection of a corporation and the tax benefits of a partnership, which make them a great choice. Deciding what form of entity you will be operating under is a huge step; however, there are now many things you need... Read More

Angel Investor Tax Credit - Qualifying Business Application Released

On January 25, 2017, the Iowa Economic Development Authority released the qualifying business application for the Angel Investor Tax Credit. The investor eligibility application was released previously. Businesses that conducted qualifying capital raises during 2016 can seek certification so their investors can claim the tax credit.  Both the... Read More