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Update on Investing in Opportunity Zones

Additional IRS and Treasury Department Guidance Proposed Regulations for Qualified Opportunity Funds The IRS has now issued two sets of proposed regulations for Qualified Opportunity Funds (“QOF”). As part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Congress established QOF as a new investment vehicle to spur economic development in certain distressed... Read More

What is an S Corp and Why Should You Consider One

S corporations, also called “S Corps”, are the largest tax filing entity in the United States. Nonetheless, I find that entrepreneurs are sometimes confused about what an S Corp is and why they should consider one. My goal with this post is to clear up misconceptions about S Corps and provide some insight as to the advantages and tax planning... Read More

One Year after Landmark Wayfair Decision Iowa Sales Tax Update

The United States v. Wayfair Supreme Court landmark decision last summer created an entirely new landscape for state sales and use taxes. BrownWinick’s previous articles explained the decision and provided an update focused for businesses. To summarize, many more businesses are subject to out-of-state sales tax laws under a concept known as... Read More

Sports Betting is Almost Here in Iowa - Here's What We Know

Article written by BrownWinick 2019 Summer Associate, William "Billy" Daniel, and BrownWinick attorney, Matt McKinney Governor Kim Reynolds signed SF 617 into law on May 13, allowing Iowa’s casinos to offer legal sports betting. This legislation was made possible by the decision of the United States Supreme Court in Murphy v. NCAA in May 2018 when... Read More

A New Definition Under the Federal Freedom of Information Act

Article written by BrownWinick 2019 Summer Associate, Mariah Kauder, and BrownWinick attorney, James White What qualifies as confidential? These days it might seem as if very little information truly remains private. However, when it comes to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling has actually expanded the... Read More

Decoding the Alphabet Soup of Shipping Terms

Article written by BrownWinick 2019 Summer Associate, Mariah Kauder, and BrownWinick attorney, Brian McCormac If you have been party to a contract for the sale of goods, the options for shipping terms might seem like a mystery of far too similar terms that can manage to make a world of difference. Understanding when the risk of loss transfers and... Read More

Limiting Risk for Your Sponsored Event

Businesses that organize events should do all they reasonably can to limit their liability exposure. One way to accomplish this is to have event participants sign a Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement before participating in the event. These agreements are particularly important where physical activity (e.g., a marathon) or... Read More

Responding to a Breach Incident

Article written by BrownWinick 2019 Summer Law Clerk, Casey Sievert, and BrownWinick attorney, Brian McCormac With the growing number of data security incidents and the potential for bet-the-company sized risks, it is crucial to know how to navigate such an event. BrownWinick’s data security and privacy team specializes in helping businesses... Read More

Targeted Cyber Attacks are Rapidly Increasing in 2019

Your company, your vendors and suppliers, and your customers are currently under the biggest wave of cyber-attacks that I’ve seen since the internet was created. If you have not noticed this latest wave of attacks, your vendors and customers have or your company may simply not be aware that it has already been attacked. Along with being a... Read More