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Control Your Content on Social Media

It’s that time of year again: the copy/paste posts are making their way around Facebook and Instagram declaring ownership of photos and information and forbidding the social media and tech giants from using and abusing your content. Here’s an example of a post you may have seen being shared: Deadline tomorrow !!! Everything you’ve ever posted... Read More

Cost-Plus Contracts - A New Warning For Contractors

A recent decision from the Iowa Court of Appeals serves as a cautionary tale for contractors: Contractors must prove their actual costs under cost-plus contracts or they may not be paid.   In Olmstead Construction, Inc. v. Otter Creek Investments, LLC, the contractor and owner entered into a cost-plus contract to build a convenience store. After... Read More

Hemp Fields of Opportunities

There’s a lot of hype around hemp these days. Hemp products, including CBD, or cannabidiol, seem to be all over the market. Indeed, uses for hemp seem endless. The hemp plant can be used for anything from paper to therapeutic oils to rope and have even been considered for food products. Legislation was previously passed allowing physicians to... Read More

What are my Information Rights as an LLC Member?

When a limited liability company (“LLC”) is first formed, its owners are often eager to start doing business. In the pandemonium that comes along with getting a business up and running, the owners often overlook what business records and information the owners of the LLC may rightfully access going forward (often referred to as “information... Read More

Due Diligence: Its Importance in an M&A Deal

Buying a business can be an extremely hectic and overwhelming process. One of the most important things for a buyer to do is understand what they are purchasing. The process of investigating and fully understanding what a buyer is purchasing is called performing due diligence. Due diligence is often the most time consuming and important part of... Read More

Raising Capital Via Rule 504

In general, every security offering in the United States is required to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and applicable state securities regulators unless the offering qualifies for an exemption from registration under both federal and state laws and regulations. It is important for companies to qualify for... Read More

Criminal Screening under Fair Housing

While having a criminal record is not a protected characteristic under the Fair Housing Act (“FHA”), the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) closely regulates criminal history-based restrictions on housing if, without justification, criminal history-based restrictions burden renters of one race or national origin over another.... Read More

Representing Yourself or Your Business in a Small Claims Action

A small claims action can be filed if the amount demanded is $6,500 or less. You can choose to represent yourself in a small claims action or hire an attorney to help. If you would like to represent yourself, the Iowa Judicial Branch website has some good resources for explaining the process:  Essentially, this is the process for filing a small... Read More

Iowa DBA Basics

In Iowa, any business that wishes to do business using a different name than what the business was formed under must file for a DBA (“doing business as”). A DBA is an additional legal name for a business entity. It is also referred to as a trade name or fictitious name. It is not a replacement name, but instead a name taken on by a business entity... Read More

SBA Extending the Runway for Small Business Determination

Article written by BrownWinick 2019 Summer Associate, William "Billy" Daniel, and BrownWinick attorney, Drew Larson Last year on December 17, the Small Business Runway Extension Act of 2018 was signed into law, amending the Small Business Act. While the Runway Extension Act consists of only two sentences (one saying its name and the other what it... Read More