Legal News

BrownWinick Obtains Summary Judgment for Golf Course Client

BrownWinick attorneys Ben Merrill and James White recently obtained summary judgment on behalf of their clients WBC Golf Course, LLC ("WBC") and Mr. Curtis Wahlert, the golf course’s general manager. The case involved allegations that WBC and Mr. Wahlert were not operating the course in a manner consistent with “normal golf course operations,” in... Read More

2021 Iowa Legislative Session Ends with Flurry of New Tax Rules

  On May 19, 2021, the Iowa Legislature closed this year’s session by passing a 60-page tax bill consisting of 28 divisions addressing a plethora of topics, resulting in an estimated cut in taxes of $1 billion over the next eight years. This article does not attempt to cover each of the upcoming tax changes; however, it does highlight the key... Read More

Federal Court Finds No Standing in Three “Drive By” Discrimination Lawsuits

  In the course of one week in early August 2020, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers Iowa and other Midwestern states, struck a blow to so-called “drive by” discrimination lawsuits – and bolstered employers’ defenses thereto – by holding in three separate lawsuits that three different plaintiffs who alleged violations of the... Read More

Judge rules on Round-Up cancer warning

  California’s Proposition 65 will not be enforced against Bayer, the manufacturer of Round-Up, a federal court ruled on June 22nd. The proposition required that products containing the chemical glyphosate be labeled as a carcinogen. However, the judge ruled that “the statement that glyphosate is ‘known to the state of California to cause cancer’... Read More

Governor Reynolds Extends Emergency Proclamation

  On Thursday, June 25th, Governor Reynolds extended Iowa’s Emergency Proclamation. The Proclamation enacts certain requirements, restrictions, and/or relief in the following areas due to COVID-19 concerns: Protection of Vulnerable Iowans Reopening of Businesses and Establishments Mass Gatherings Nonessential or Elective Surgeries and Procedures... Read More

Candor Conference Deadline Extended to One Year

  Changes to Iowa’s Candor law creating an extended timeline for initiating the Candor process will take effect July 1, 2020. The Candor process was created to encourage a frank discussion between a health care practitioner and a patient or patient’s family in the aftermath of a negative medical outcome resulting from either unforeseeable... Read More

SCOTUS Rules Gay and Transgender Employees Protected by Title VII

  In a highly anticipated decision, the United States Supreme Court declared that employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity is prohibited by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (the “Act”). The decision was handed down in the consolidated case Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia on Monday, June 15th by a... Read More