What's On Your Mind and On The Horizon?

Posted by Christopher Sackett in June 2014 on 6/18/2014

One of the things we, as lawyers, don't do often enough is ask you, our clients—what's on your mind? I don't mean day-to-day thoughts, but rather, more strategic issues like:

  • What are the developments and changes you see or anticipate in your industry? How about within your company?
  • What opportunities and threats do these present for you?
  • What are your needs from both a business and legal perspective?
  • How can we better understand your business, and better serve your needs?

Although we may not ask these questions often enough, we want you to know that we're always interested in hearing more about what you're doing and what's important to you and your company. Please feel free to share this information with us any time. Understanding you and your business better allows us to be the best lawyers that we can be.