More Investment Funds Means More Opportunity for Growing Businesses

Posted by Christopher Sackett in June 2014 on 6/18/2014

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In case you haven't been paying attention lately, companies seeking investment capital from Iowa investors have more choices than ever before - and we're glad to be at least part of the reason why. Here's a short description of just a few of our clients and how they're investing in Iowa companies.

NestMint. NestMint was formed in 2014 to provide seed capital investment dollars to fledgling businesses - those that have an idea but have traditionally been too early-stage to attract investment dollars, except from friends and family. BrownWinick is a co-sponsor of NestMint and serves as its legal counsel.

Plains Angels. Plains Angels was formed in 2012 as an investor forum made up of Iowa based angel investors. Its mission is to provide high return investment opportunities to its angel investor members and provide growth funding to early stage companies. BrownWinick is the lead sponsor and legal counsel to Plains Angels.

Next Level Ventures. Next Level Ventures was formed in 2013 and is an approximately $20 million venture capital fund that invests in innovative Iowa-based companies with significant growth potential. It is the first certified innovation fund in the state of Iowa, meaning its investors are eligible for Iowa tax credits. BrownWinick has served as legal counsel to Next Level Ventures since its formation.

Midwest Growth Partners. Midwest Growth Partners was formed in 2012 and is an approximately $33 million private equity fund that acquires and invests in established growth-oriented companies in Iowa and the upper Midwest. Unlike many other funds that avoid investing in rural companies, Midwest Growth Partners embraces these opportunities. BrownWinick has served as legal counsel to Midwest Growth Partners since its formation.

We're proud of our relationship with these clients and the positive impact that they are having on Iowa companies. Let us know if we can make an introduction.

Chris Sackett is the managing member at BrownWinick and represents numerous and diverse clients in corporate/mergers and acquisitions, business and transactional matters, and financing and capital formation, and assists with many other legal concerns. Chris can be reached at (515) 242-2470 or