Trade Associations

Trade Associations

BrownWinick represents a broad array of trade associations, professional organizations and pension plans, with memberships ranging from local and state focused associations to national and international organizations.

Each of these organizations requires a wide range of legal services as they work to meet the needs of their members and pursue the interests of their respective industries. BrownWinick has represented these groups in general corporate representation, as well as in employment matters, litigation, contract preparation and review, tax and financial matters, lobbying, intellectual property, and other legal matters.

Services Offered:

BrownWinick clients include various associations and organizations whose members are in the fields of general manufacturing, agriculture, equipment and material suppliers, general contractor and subcontractor groups, hospitals, medical services providers and physician groups, state and local government groups, insurance organizations, pensions programs and many other organizations. Among these clients are organizations that have international, national, regional, state, and local memberships.

Areas of Representation
BrownWinick attorneys are well known for their role as advisors to trade associations throughout the state of Iowa, the Midwest, and beyond. They fulfill this role by providing advice on such matters as what are best practices on corporate governance in light of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the various high-profile scandals in the general corporate community, conflicts of interest, regulatory compliance, and the need for greater accuracy and disclosure in corporate recordkeeping, all of which continue to encourage boards of many trade associations and non-profit organizations to consider more carefully the implications of their practices and procedures. BrownWinick, with its multi-disciplinary expertise in most areas of the law, is particularly well positioned to provide all of the legal needs of trade associations and non-profit organizations. BrownWinick continues to be one of the leading advocates of trade associations and non-profits both in the state of Iowa and beyond.

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