Renewable Fuels

Renewable Fuels

BrownWinick is one of the most active law firms in the United States' renewable fuels industry.

From planning to production, we know the industry. Our Renewable Fuels practice group has successfully closed over $2.1 billion in financing for renewable fuels projects. We currently represent numerous public and private renewable fuels production facilities located throughout the United States as well as companies providing development, financing and other consulting services to renewable fuels companies.

BrownWinick works hard to move our clients from development to operations. Our Renewable Fuels practice group assists clients in developing optimal project ownership structures and capitalization strategies. We have been involved in a variety of project financing techniques including private placements, intra-state and multi-state equity offerings, initial public offerings and follow-on offerings, PIPEs, mezzanine financing, traditional secured credit facilities and bond financing.

BrownWinick's service does not stop at plant start-up. Our relationship with our renewable fuels clients continues by serving as general counsel and advising on a broad range of legal issues relating to the operation of a renewable fuels production facility, including environmental matters, employment and employee benefits, key off-take contracts such as ethanol and DDGS marketing agreements, grain procurement agreements, corporate governance, compliance with federal and state securities laws including reporting obligations to the Securities and Exchange Commission, intellectual property development and protection, refinancing, recapitalizations and the development and implementation of financing techniques for expansion through mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.

BrownWinick also actively participates in policy-making directed at the federal and state legislative branches. Our firm is a long-standing member of the Renewable Fuels Association, and over the years we have cultivated valuable relationships with the industry's premier design-build firms, marketing companies, lenders, vendors and other service providers.

Whatever your role may be in the renewable fuels industry, we understand that you are looking to improve your competitive position and expand your presence in this dynamic marketplace. Our team of renewable fuels attorneys can help you get the results you desire. 


Biodiesel is a clean-burning alternative fuel produced from animal fat or vegetable oil that can be used in a pure form or blended with petroleum diesel. Biodiesel is currently being produced in biodiesel refineries of various sizes across the United States and in Europe. The trend has been toward larger biodiesel refineries capable of producing 30 to 60 million gallons of biodiesel annually.

BrownWinick's involvement in the United States' biodiesel industry allows us insight into current market conditions and commercial viability. This insight is invaluable when it comes to developing capital raising strategies that will successfully overcome financing and investment challenges. We have used a variety of innovative financing techniques to move our biodiesel clients from ideas to operations.

Whether it's negotiating and drafting a design-build agreement for the engineering and construction of a biodiesel refinery, closing debt financing arrangements with the industry's leading banks or preparing critical operating contracts such as feedstock supply agreements, off-take contracts with biodiesel marketers or risk management agreements, BrownWinick has the knowledge necessary to help you achieve the best possible outcome.


Ethanol or ethyl alcohol is a fuel component made primarily from corn and various other grains and can be used as:

  • An octane enhancer in fuels;
  • An oxygenated fuel additive for the purpose of reducing ozone and carbon monoxide vehicle emissions; and
  • A non-petroleum based gasoline substitute.

Approximately 95% of all ethanol is used in its primary form for blending with unleaded gasoline and other fuel products. Used as a fuel oxygenate, ethanol provides a means to control carbon monoxide emissions. The principal purchasers of ethanol are generally wholesale gasoline marketers or blenders.

BrownWinick is one of the nation's most active law firms in the ethanol industry. We represent numerous public and private ethanol production facilities located throughout the United States. Our Renewable Fuels practice group combines its industry involvement and Corporate Finance and Securities Law practice group to assist clients in developing and implementing innovative financing techniques that move our clients from development to operations. As the industry has evolved, our services have become increasingly customized to meet our clients' objectives.

We regularly advise clients on all aspects of operating an ethanol production facility including negotiation and preparation of key project contracts such as design-build agreements, feedstock procurement, off-take agreements, utility provider services and risk management agreements. In addition, we guide our clients through compliance with Securities and Exchange Commission reporting obligations, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and corporate governance matters. Our representation often extends to other areas encountered in the operation of an ethanol production facility such environmental matters, employment, employee benefits, taxation, mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, joint ventures, refinancing, recapitalization and intellectual property.

BrownWinick is an active member of the Renewable Fuels Association, and is a regular participant in industry trade conferences and seminars. We recognize the dynamic nature of the modern ethanol industry and spend time studying its changes and developments so that when you look to us for guidance, BrownWinick has a comprehensive perspective of your business.

Above all, we understand that you are looking for results and you need a law firm that knows your industry to help you achieve the results you desire. BrownWinick knows the ethanol industry, and we understand the importance of results.

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