Nonprofits and Planned Giving

Nonprofits and Planned Giving

The legal team at BrownWinick knows that today's complex business and tax planning environment often will require working with nonprofit organizations or engaging in planned giving at some level.

This may take the form of properly structuring gifts to charitable organizations, entering into various types of contracts or agreements with such organizations, or even establishing a foundation or other nonprofit organization to meet the professional or personal goals of business owners and employees.

Nonprofit organizations and planned giving vehicles of today face a tougher regulatory environment and a higher level of official scrutiny than ever before. Those working with nonprofit organizations will want to have an effective advocate in their corner to guide them through the organizational, tax, and other issues they face. Those incorporating planned giving into their estate and financial planning will want to have counsel who understands the options available to them and who can help them select the best planned giving vehicles to meet their goals.

Effective legal representation of nonprofit organizations is a multidisciplinary practice that requires knowledge and experience in varied areas such as taxation, corporations, trusts and estates, planned giving, and administrative law. Whether you wish to make the most tax-efficient gifts as part of your planning, are interested in forming a nonprofit organization or family foundation, or are involved in any other aspect of a nonprofit organization, BrownWinick has the attorneys with the experience and training necessary to guide you through the complicated, fast-changing legal issues you will face. By working closely with our clients for both their professional and personal planning needs, we deliver quality solutions designed to maximize both professional and personal planning goals.

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