The BrownWinick team of lawyers can provide the full service offerings of regulatory and litigation expertise, contract and real estate advice, taxation and commercial structure consultation, and legislative intervention.

According to figures from the American Wind Energy Association, Iowa is currently ranked as #2 in the U.S. in most wind energy installed, by capacity. Large wind is finding this state to be a key center for both wind farm development and operation and wind component manufacturing. Small community wind efforts are a key match with the broad agricultural sector in the state. The BrownWinick team has assisted clients in both of these areas as the state strives to maintain its top rankings in wind energy.

BrownWinick has a long established practice in the agribusiness arena. As such, the people and places of this state are familiar to our attorneys as the strategies of energy and economic development combine in efforts to utilize the products of animal and crop agriculture available in this state for renewable energy development. Our attorneys have helped clients take advantage of the widespread availability of grants and financial assistance from the public sector in their wind energy and renewables project developments. The burgeoning issues of carbon credits and other greenhouse gas emissions factors are likely to impact to some degree commercial and agricultural enterprises throughout the state. The BrownWinick team of attorneys can help our clients prepare for and participate in this swirling issue, providing professional and responsive representation in a timely manner.

Finally, BrownWinick has extensive experience and involvement with clients and issues in the more traditional energy sources - fossil fuels and nuclear. We have represented both the utility providers and the industrial/commercial consumers in electricity and natural gas services. The forums can be the hearing room of a state or federal regulatory body, the conference room of a major steel producer in Iowa, or the board room of a gas or electric transmission company. The BrownWinick team is in the handful of top Midwestern law firms in the energy field in its expertise and client service.

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