Understanding How Big Data is Being Disguised as Criminal Justice Reform

Location: 2017 States & Nation Policy Summit, Nashville, Tennessee


Matt McKinney, a Government Relations attorney at BrownWinick, will be a panel member at the 2017 States & Nation Policy Summit on Wednesday, December 6, 2017.  The Summit is sponsored by the American Legislative Exchange Counsel ("ALEC").  

The ALEC hosts the States & Nation Policy Summit, a three-day conference consisting of intensive, in-depth educational sessions addressing issues that will be at the top of state legislative agendas the following year. 

This "Risk Assessments in the Criminal Justice System" panel is intended to discuss the current rush by certain States' Supreme Court Justices to make public policy in abandoning due process protections in preference for technology. The purpose of the panel is to have legislators understand that if these tools are to be used in the criminal justice system, there must be a basis of understanding how the tools function, what risks the use of the tools pose to fairness and accuracy and finally, what legislative language should be fashioned to protect those who will be screened by the tools. This panel is not intended to wholesale destroy the notion of using Risk Assessment tools to inform criminal justice decision making, but rather it is a panel designed to ensure that legislative due process combines with both procedural and substantive due process in the criminal justice system and the result is a Risk Assessment process that works free from bias and other probable flaws that stem from an under-informed and proprietary process.