Human Resources: Employee Misconduct, Discipline, Termination

Location: WEBINAR - Iowa State Association of Counties


Thomas Evans, an attorney at BrownWinick, will discuss best practices for conducting internal investigations of employee misconduct and discipline and termination considerations at a two-hour WEBINAR for the Iowa State Association of Counties on Wednesday, February 3, 2016.

Areas that will be covered under workplace investigations include:

  • Why to conduct an internal workplace investigations
  • types of workplace issues warranting investigations
  • Litigation risks; and
  • Conducting the investigation.

The presentation will also discuss:

  • discipline policies;
  • documenting discipline;
  • communicating the discipline decision;
  • termination considerations;
  • termination guidelines – establish and follow work policies, review and investigate;
  • confirm treatment of similarly situated employees;
  • evaluate the possibility of a discrimination or retaliation claim;
  • documentation; and
  • communicating decision to terminate.

A question and answer period will conclude the presentation.

Information, along with registration, can be found on the website of the Iowa State Association fo Counties.