HIPAA Checkup: How Long Has It Been Since Your Organization Has Looked at its HIPAA Compliance Program?

Location: WEBINAR


Michael Jenkins and Catherine Cownie, BrownWinick health law attorneys, will address HIPAA Compliance Programs in a one-hour WEBINAR on Friday, December 16, 2016 from 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  This WEBINAR is sponsored by LeadingAge Iowa.

The dollar amounts related to HIPAA settlements have been increasing at the same time that enforcement activity continues unabated. Growing reliance on mobile technology and social media has created security traps for unwary healthcare employees and an attractive path toward protected health information for unscrupulous hackers. It’s against this somewhat ominous backdrop that healthcare providers and their business associates, seek to navigate the laws and regulations intended to protect patient privacy.

In this webinar, BrownWinick attorneys Michael Jenkins and Catherine Cownie will provide simple, actionable steps that an organization can take to mitigate risk related to security breaches and HIPAA and HITECH Act compliance. Michael and Catherine's talk will concentrate on three key areas of HIPAA compliance activity: (1) the Security Risk Assessment process; (2) the encryption standard for email and text communication; and (3) the role of a security incident response plan.


  • Learn the value of using a Security Risk Assessment to improve your HIPAA Compliance Program
  • Understand how email and text encryption techniques can help your organization comply with the Security Rule
  • Find out about how a good security incident response plan can prepare your organization for a security breach

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