Group Life and Health Plans: Global Update

Location: The Drake, Chicago, Illinois


Cynthia Boyle Lande, an attorney at BrownWinick, will be a speaker at the Chicago 2014: Benefits Without Borders Global Pension and Employee Benefits Lawyers Conference, which will be held June 22-24, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. This conference is hosted by the National Pension and Benefits Section, the Continuing Legal Education Committee of the Canadian Bar Association, the Joint Committee on Employee Benefits of the American Bar Association and the International Pension and Employee Benefits Lawyers Association.

This two-day conference will deal exclusively and in-depth with pensions and benefits in the context of a changing global environment. The broad range of workshops are designed to provide useful and practical information to senior practitioners, regulators, lawyers, as well as corporate practitioners and in-house counsel.

Cynthia's workshop presentation is scheduled for Monday, June 23, 2014 from 9:45 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. and is titled "Global Life and Health Plans: Global Update." This workshop will explore recent developments with employer-sponsored group benefits, with a focus on the legal and regulatory environment shaping these developments, and the role of government incentives motivating employers to provide or amend their group benefit programs. The workshop will also compare the various approaches to legislation surrounding group benefits in the United States, Canada and Belgium, which range from heavily prescriptive to a virtual absence of regulation. Employer-sponsored group health, life and disability benefit plan models throughout the world continue to evolve, with, in some cases, increased complexity. Presenting with Cynthia at this workshop session will be Michael Wolpert, Partner at Lawson Lundell LLP located in Calgary, Alberta, Canda and Elise Laeremans, Partner at Younity Lawyers located in Brussels, Belgium.

Other workshop presentations at this conference include:

  • Structuring Benefit and Pension Plans for Globally Mobile Employees for Benefit Security and Tax Efficiency
  • Pension Regulator Panel
  • Pension Fund Investment Regulation
  • The Pension Plan is Dead; Long Live the Pension Plan: New Trends in Pension and Other Retirement Plan Design
  • Mainstreaming the Alternative: The Rise of Private Equity, Infrastructure and Other Alternative Investments for Pension Funds
  • Labor and Employment Law / Collective Bargaining Issues in Pensions and Benefits
  • Collective Action: Pension Plan Involvement in Class Actions
  • Pensions and Family Relationships - Latest Issues International Comparisons
  • Trends in Executive Compensation and Employee Perks
  • Insolvency Issues in Pension and Benefits
  • Pension Funding Rules
  • Lenses and Filters: The Legal Status of "Ethical' Pension
  • Pension Portability: International Perspectives
  • Document Retention, Privacy, Disclosure Rules
  • Pension Guarantee Funds in Different Countries
  • Discrimination Inherent in Pension and Benefit Plan Design and Policy: Do Pension and Benefits Treat Women and Men Equally?
  • For the Public Good: Pension and Benefit Plans for Public Sector Employees
  • Member Pension and Benefits Knowledge and Education Needs
  • Legal/Tax issues for De-Risking Products