Why Des Moines?

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Here are some of the reasons:

  • Greater Des Moines is #6 Best American City to work in Tech in 2019 according to SmartAsset and Yahoo! Finance.
  • U.S. News Ranks Des Moines as the 11th Best Place to Live (conclusion of new rankings of the best places to live from U.S. News & World Report) (March 2016).
  • Greater Des Moines (Des Moines-West Des Moines metro area) ranked 48th among 190 communities evaluated nationally by the Gallup-Healthways Community Well-Being Rankings released Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - ranking ninth in financial wellness and 23rd in community wellness.
  • According to data collector GoodCall, which based its findings on average annual compensation, job prospects and housing costs, placed greater Des Moines in the sixth-best spot in the country for lawyers and recent law school graduates to locate.
  • NerdWallet, a consumer advocacy website, listed Des Moines as the 11th best city to start a business. The rankings were based on the success of businesses in each metro, revenue per business, percentage of businesses with paid employees, number of businesses per capita and the overall strength of each metro's economy (unemployment, housings costs, median income).
  • Des Moines was ranked ninth best for startups in Popular Mechanics magazine - "The 14 Best Startup Cities in America."
  • Forbes ranked Des Moines No. 2 on its 2014 "Best Places for Business" list. Des Moines is a great place for businesses, Forbes said, because business costs in the city are 17 percent below the United States average, with living costs 6 percent below the national average. In June 2014, economic research firm Policom ranked Des Moines No. 1 for economic strength.
  • Des Moines has been recognized by Fortune as one of the five U.S. cities with an up-and-coming downtown. Check out the video (narrated by Leigh Gallagher) - Des Moines is No. 1.
  • Greater Des Moines ranked 25th best metro area in the country for overall well-being of its residents. The 2013 State of American Well-Being report is based on data from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. Iowa ranked 10th healthiest among the states, making it one of just four states to show year-over-year improvement since 2010 in their well-being scores.
  • Des Moines, where regular folks can live the rich life - in its special series, "Healthy, Wealthy, Wise," the TODAY show reveals Iowa's capital city, Des Moines, is the wealthiest U.S. city.
  • Buzzfeed.com has declared Des Moines tops on its list of "10 Midwest Cities You Should Visit," praising Des Moines for hosting the Des Moines Art Festival and the Iowa State Fair.
  • Des Moines metro area made a strong showing on a "Top 100 Best Places to Live" 2013 list complied by Livability.com. 
  • Des Moines ranks No. 1 in Forbes for 2013 Best Places for Business and Careers.
  • Des Moines ranks No. 3 in Forbes for Emerging Downtowns 2013.
  • Des Moines ranks No. 1 in The Busines Journals2013 Best Midwest Cities for Young Adults.
  • Des Moines ranks No. 2 in Forbes, 2012 for "Best Cities for Jobs".
  • Greater Des Moines ranks No. 1 in Forbes magazine, July 2011 for "Best City for Young Professionals."
  • Des Moines moved up to No. 5 on Parenting Magazine's "2011 List of Best Cities for Families," from No. 15 in 2010.
  • The Des Moines metro area ranked No.3 on the "Top 100 Metropolitan Areas with the Fastest Green Jobs Growth" in Brookings Institution 2010 Report.
  • Des Moines has been ranked #1 for 2010 according to Forbes magazine's "The 20 Best Places for Business and Careers" annual rankings.
  • Des Moines ranked seventh in 2009. View the article in Forbes magazine.
  • Based on income and job growth, the Des Moines community pays special attention to the cost-of-doing business, which includes the price of labor, energy, taxes and real estate.
  • Des Moines also looks closely at the qualifications of the available labor market.
  • Des Moines can also be characterized by its low crime rate, housing costs and relocation of those Iowa natives that come back to Des Moines to raise their families.
  • The Des Moines metro area offers affordable housing, quality schools and excellent public services.

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