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Rights as a Transgender Person in the Workplace

It is not always clear what rights you have in the workplace as an employee. This task becomes more challenging when your rights have been a topic of controversy in the media. To provide clarity on this matter, we have provided explanations for the workplace rights transgender people have in Iowa.   The Iowa Civil Rights Act prohibits... Read More

Immigrants May Be Targets for Cybercriminals: What You Need to Know

Immigrants face many unique challenges in American society.  Despite being a country comprised primarily of the descendants of immigrants, persons arriving in the United States to start a new life often find that there are many barriers to their success.  Some obstacles may be inherent in moving to a new country, but others often serve to... Read More

Celebrating Black History Month 2021

  As many are aware, the month of February serves as Black History Month. This annual celebration, also known as African American History Month, observes the achievements of African Americans and recognizes their central role in our country’s history. Since 1976, every United States president has officially designated the month of February as... Read More

BrownWinick Serves as Supporter Organization for United Way 21-Day Equity Challenge

  BrownWinick recently concluded its participation in United Way of Central Iowa’s 21-Day Equity Challenge. The Challenge, which took place from October 5 to November 2, served as a self-guided program in which participants were encouraged to engage in group discussion, explore ways to take action, and launch a lifelong commitment to improving... Read More

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are vital to the success of every business. Diversity and inclusion is a company’s mission, strategies, and practices to support a diverse workplace where individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life are able to participate and contribute comfortably and equally. Successful implementation will improve... Read More