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2022 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 5 Summary

The first MAJOR deadline for the 2022 General Assembly is next Friday, February 18.  That is the date by which “most” bills must be out of the Committee of origin.  There are exceptions to this rule however for Ways and Means, Appropriations, and Leadership bills.  Next week will be a hectic one at the Capitol with many bills yet to be filed,... Read More

2022 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 4 Summary

Countdown to funnel week! The first funnel week is fast approaching - February 18 is the date by which bills must be moved out of the Committee of origin. Like almost every legislative rule there are exceptions. The speed of bills being released, and subcommittees scheduled will increase over the next several legislative days. However, activity... Read More

2022 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 3 Summary

Activity ramped up this week with over 120 subcommittee meetings at the Capitol. Although it seems like there are a lot of bills introduced so far this session, the 2022 session is down by about 400 bills in comparison to past sessions. Senate Republicans introduced the Senate’s version of a comprehensive tax reform proposal, SSB 3074.  Over a... Read More

Viral TikTok or Copyright Infringement Lawsuit?

Since 2016, TikTok has grown to be a popular platform for viral content creation. TikTok allows short-form video posts and encourages users to engage with the videos. The software then attempts to personalize each user’s experience by showing them videos like those they have enjoyed in the past. Part of what makes each short-form video interesting... Read More

2022 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 2 Summary

With the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday on Monday, this was a short week for lawmakers. On Tuesday, House Resources Chairperson Representative Ann Meyer announced her focus for the 2022 session will continue to be on expansion of mental health care in Iowa.   Meyer has introduced bills to fund additional psychiatric residencies in Iowa, allocate... Read More

2022 Iowa Legislative Session - Week 1 Summary

Iowa lawmakers returned to Des Moines this week to convene the second legislative session of the 89th General Assembly. As Republicans enter the sixth year of a ‘GOP trifecta’ they will continue to drive the state’s policy agenda for the 2022 session. On Monday, leaders from both parties in the Senate and House welcomed members back to the Capitol... Read More

Trademark Symbols – “®” “TM” “SM” – What Do They Mean and When Should I Use Them?

I’m often asked the question “What do the Trademark Symbols – “®” “TM” “SM” – mean, and when should I use them?” Only One Rule: There is only one rule that you have to follow when it comes to the use of trademark symbols, and that is: You cannot use the “®” symbol unless and until the trademark is officially registered by the United States Patent... Read More

Government Relations Update - 01-10-2022

Iowa legislators reconvened today in Des Moines to kick off the 2022 legislative session. Traditionally, the first week of session is largely ceremonial highlighted by the Governor’s Condition of the State address. Governor Reynolds’ address is scheduled for 6:00 PM on Tuesday, January 11th. It can be viewed on Iowa PBS’ website (LINK) or streamed... Read More

OSHA Withdraws Portion of COVID-19 Healthcare ETS

On December 27, 2021, OSHA announced that because it could not finalize a permanent standard to replace its Healthcare Emergency Temporary Standard (the “Healthcare ETS”) within the 6-month window it had to do so, “it is withdrawing the non-recordkeeping portions of the healthcare ETS.”  OSHA says the COVID-19 log and reporting provisions remain... Read More