BW Tree Planting Efforts with City of Des Moines

BrownWinick Helps Make the City Green

BrownWinick gives back to the City of Des Moines, assisting with the City's tree planting efforts.

On May 11, 2017, BrownWinick staff and attorneys planted approximately 25 trees near 14th and High Street in Des Moines. The tree planting assisted the City of Des Moines with its efforts of increasing the amount of trees in the City of Des Moines. Volunteers are an increasingly valuable asset to the City of Des Moines.  The downtown area is of particular importance with respect to planting green spaces. Trees in the downtown landscape are integral to modern cities, providing shade, water interception, appealing aesthetics and many other benefits. BrownWinick has helped put more than 50 trees into the downtown landscape over the last two years. These trees will provide many eco benefits for all citizens, long into the future.

The trees planted at the 2017 BrownWinick tree planting event can be located by going to and searching “1317 High Street”.